Microsoft Office Store Apps

The Access Policies sp: Manager app includes:

  • Access to a central portal for the management of all policies and procedures
  • Straightforward authoring and editing tools using Microsoft Word
  • Easy-to-use database management within Microsoft SharePoint
  • Separate document libraries for draft policies, approved policies and archived policies
  • Automated workflows to manage Policies throughout the Policy Life Cycle
    • Create, Review, Approve, Publish, Archive
  • Mapping of policies to originating obligations (for example, a regulation, a law, a contract) and/or related procedures

Centralize. Organize. Administer. 

Access Policies sp: Manager enables your organization to create an effective policy management program — as it can help centralize, organize, and administer your policies and procedures.

Centralize: Simply finding the current version or a new draft of a policy or a procedure quickly when you need it can be frustrating. Access Policies sp: Manager eliminates this frustration by directing you to a single location within SharePoint (2013) for the management of all policies and procedures. No more searching endlessly to find what you need.

Organize: Organizing and maintaining policies and procedures across lines of business or departments (or even within them) can be challenging. Access Policies sp: Manager simplifies this process. Administrators can upload and manage their policies and procedures individually. Moreover, policies can be related to governing regulations or contracts, associated procedures, and related documents, such as minutes of meetings, updates, memoranda–—basically, any document created using Microsoft Office.

Administer: Managing policies and procedures throughout the Policy Life Cycle can be cumbersome and frustrating.  Access Policies sp: Manager helps simplify this process with simple-to-use workflows to navigate the policy life cycle.  Standard workflows let you Start a Review, Approve a policy, Publish a policy, Create a Draft and Archive an out dated policy.